Major Gameplay Update: Sabotaging!

Time to give those humans some challenge, because we, shapeshifters, are going to sabotage everything. Welcome to SurvHive, version 1.3!

UDK 2016-09-17 17-47-16-49

This update introduces big changes in the gameplay: Aliens are now able to disable various systems by sabotaging them using weapons if they are shape-shifted, or claws under their alien form. Those systems can be repaired using a wrench. You will be able to find wrenches here and there on the maps. Engineers now start directly with a wrench and they can also build more of them if needed.

List of sabotable systems (more systems such as Oxygen and Temperature will be added soon):

  • Laboratory
  • CPU
  • Shuttle
  • Machine Room
  • Lights (on Aurora)