OFFICIAL RELEASE: Coming August 1st!


Hello everyone,

This is it! We finally have a date for the Early Access Release! August 1st, 2016

At launch, SurvHive will be exclusively available on the Steam store: over here

Meanwhile don’t hesitate to have a look at our Launch Trailer

Here is what you can expect from this early access release:

  • Asymetric Multiplayer Sci-fi Horror Experience
  • Aliens shape-shifting and infection system (core gameplay), hive hierarchy and rewards
  • Two maps: The excavation site of Kepler 186F (exoplanet) and Aurora (spaceship)
  • Complete XP, Class and Abilities system: Scientist, Engineer, Cultist, Soldier
  • Event/objective system: Area defense, blackouts, blood tests, gas leaks, alien language analysis, escaping…
  • Secret/traitor objectives system
  • Sanity system
  • Science terminal, engineering terminal, hacking terminal
  • Sentry guns (can be hacked), radios to detect alien presence (can be hacked too), electronic cloaking devices, guns, rifles, flamethrowers, cryo guns…
  • Buffs/Healing system
  • Probably some bugs that we didn’t spot yet 🙂

Don’t hesitate to help us and spread the word to your friends… If they are not shape-shifted aliens!

Welcome to their Hive…