Some pre-release news!

Hello everyone,

This is a short update to reassure our followers: SurvHive is well alive and a lot of things are currently going on!

We really want to provide enough contents to make the game deep and fun, even for the early access release. Meanwile we would like to give you some insights about the current status of the development.

We are currently working on ALL fronts:

  • Adding an RPG dimension to the gameplay with a complete traits system and 4 totally different careers to pick from.
  • Working on a complete new map: a mining extraction site.
  • Improving the HUD / User Interface A LOT since it was something that our supporters asked for during the greenlight campaign.
  • Adding various skins that will be used depending on the career you select (scientist, engineer, cultist or military).
  • Revamping entirely the objectives system, adding a secret/traitor objective system
  • We are aiming at more depth (inspired from some SpaceStation 13 goodness) while still offering an accessible and enjoyable experience..
  • Sentry Guns are 100% functional at the moment. You can even hack them to focus on various kinds of targets if you have the “hacking” trait.

We want to thank all people who are asking about the release, and when the game will be out. We are working very hard for that, as we want SurvHive to become an enjoyable experience that you will not forget, so stay tuned and keep believing in us, this is really important for us!

Please check some “work in progress” screenshots below:

Hacking Terminal

Trait Selection

Trait Selection