Patch 1.4.3 is out!

This new patch for SurvHive introduces two big features:

1) Alien players shapeshifted in human form are now capable of stealth infections. They can infect human players using a disguting but retractable alien appendix!  This new feature is part of an ongoing effort to enrich the possibilites for alien players. Sabotaging/repairing parts of the ship will come in a future update with the same logic in mind.

2) A big interactive computer mainframe is now able to help human players by answering questions or commanding a few actions within the ship. What is implemented so far is an helpful answer to the following question: “How many people in the ship are infected?”. More actions will be available pretty soon. For example the access to the armoury will have to be unlocked through this interactive system…

Patch notes:

  • Stealth kills available for infected players in their human shape, using a retractable appendix…
  • Infected players can also replicate all kind of weapons and items to improve their camouflage depending on the situation.
  • Added an interactive computer AI in the spaceship. You can already ask her questions about how many aliens are on board…
  • Removed kill messages to avoid revealing too much information about who’s infected.
  • Human scores are now incremented by 100 points every 100 seconds so the score panel doesn’t reveal too much information.