Patch 1.4.2 Available

Patch 1.4.2 is ready and is going to change the gameplay a lot!

Humans now have to deal with sanity. It’s possible for them to get terrorized and even completely crazy. They make noise by simply breathing too loud, hear voices in their head, have their vision blurred, difficulties to move, …
A lot of different parameters can alter your sanity: killing a fellow human, being hurt, looking at infected players for too long, hearing the Prime screaming near you… It can also get better when killing infected players, accomplishing missions or just by waiting in a safe place.


Patch notes:

  • Sanity system and its effects fully implemented.
  • New skill for the Prime Infected: Terrifying Scream! (Helpful to scare campers breathing out loud in their hiding places).
  • Added post-processing effect to make the game look better (AA, AO, DoF, …). A future patch will improve it even more and allow you to fine-tune those settings ingame.
  • When joining an existing game you’re now infected by default
  • Small tweaks here and there to improve the look’n feel

Already started working on the next big patch which will be focused on the gameplay for Aliens in their human shape.

Stay tuned for some additional space nightmares…