Recent news

In January we introduced Mechs in SurvHive:

  • One Mech is available on each map on round start.
  • Engineers can build new ones (mech fights anyone?), as well as repairing them when they are damaged.
  • Soldiers with the “pilot” trait are able to drive them more efficiently (150% speed when moving)..
  • Use it as a human to resist alien infections. Aliens can damage you though, so be careful.
  • Use it as an alien to approach camping humans, get out and infect them quickly!
  • On Aurora don’t forget to crouch slightly in order to pass under some smaller passages.
  • Sentry guns have been buffed (causing more damage).
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Today we have introduced Jetpacks !

  • One Jetpack is available on each map on round start.
  • Engineers can build new ones.
  • Use it as a human to flee from agile aliens.
  • Use it as an alien to attack from the sky with your appendix.
  • We will fine-tune jetpack settings depending on the feedback we get from the community (if it should fly longer for example), just tell us what you think.

Upcoming features: New alien species, new map… as usual stay tuned!




Major Gameplay Update: Sabotaging!

Time to give those humans some challenge, because we, shapeshifters, are going to sabotage everything. Welcome to SurvHive, version 1.3!

UDK 2016-09-17 17-47-16-49

This update introduces big changes in the gameplay: Aliens are now able to disable various systems by sabotaging them using weapons if they are shape-shifted, or claws under their alien form. Those systems can be repaired using a wrench. You will be able to find wrenches here and there on the maps. Engineers now start directly with a wrench and they can also build more of them if needed.

List of sabotable systems (more systems such as Oxygen and Temperature will be added soon):

  • Laboratory
  • CPU
  • Shuttle
  • Machine Room
  • Lights (on Aurora)

OFFICIAL RELEASE: Coming August 1st!


Hello everyone,

This is it! We finally have a date for the Early Access Release! August 1st, 2016

At launch, SurvHive will be exclusively available on the Steam store: over here

Meanwhile don’t hesitate to have a look at our Launch Trailer

Here is what you can expect from this early access release:

  • Asymetric Multiplayer Sci-fi Horror Experience
  • Aliens shape-shifting and infection system (core gameplay), hive hierarchy and rewards
  • Two maps: The excavation site of Kepler 186F (exoplanet) and Aurora (spaceship)
  • Complete XP, Class and Abilities system: Scientist, Engineer, Cultist, Soldier
  • Event/objective system: Area defense, blackouts, blood tests, gas leaks, alien language analysis, escaping…
  • Secret/traitor objectives system
  • Sanity system
  • Science terminal, engineering terminal, hacking terminal
  • Sentry guns (can be hacked), radios to detect alien presence (can be hacked too), electronic cloaking devices, guns, rifles, flamethrowers, cryo guns…
  • Buffs/Healing system
  • Probably some bugs that we didn’t spot yet ūüôā

Don’t hesitate to help us and spread the word to your friends… If they are not shape-shifted aliens!

Welcome to their Hive…


Some pre-release news!

Hello everyone,

This is a short update to reassure our followers: SurvHive is well alive and a lot of things are currently going on!

We really want to provide enough contents to make the game deep and fun, even for the early access release. Meanwile we would like to give you some insights about the current status of the development.

We are currently working on ALL fronts:

  • Adding an RPG dimension to the gameplay with a complete traits system and 4 totally different careers to pick from.
  • Working on a complete new map: a mining extraction site.
  • Improving the HUD / User Interface A LOT since it was something that our supporters asked for during the greenlight campaign.
  • Adding various skins that will be used depending on the career you select (scientist, engineer, cultist or military).
  • Revamping entirely the objectives system, adding a secret/traitor objective system
  • We are aiming at more depth (inspired from some SpaceStation 13 goodness) while still offering an accessible and enjoyable experience..
  • Sentry Guns are 100% functional at the moment. You can even hack them to focus on various kinds of targets if you have the “hacking” trait.

We want to thank all people who are asking about the release, and when the game will be out. We are working very hard for that, as we want SurvHive to become an enjoyable experience that you will not forget, so stay tuned and keep believing in us, this is really important for us!

Please check some “work in progress” screenshots below:

Hacking Terminal

Trait Selection

Trait Selection Continue reading

Greenlit by you!

Thank you so much to all our supporters who voted for us on Steam! We made it in less than two weeks, which is very good and surprised us!


We have received a very positive and constructive feedback from the Steam Community and now we’re going to work hard for that very first public release. Check out our next updates, a lot of things will come soon!

Steam Greenlight

Hello everyone. We have just launched our Steam Greenlight campaign! Please vote for us to support the game, we NEED you to be able to go further. This is 100% free and will help us big time.

Lately we have been working on a cryo room which will be part of the alpha map, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Patch 1.4.3 is out!

This new patch for SurvHive introduces two big features:

1) Alien players shapeshifted in human form are now capable of stealth infections. They can infect human players using a disguting but retractable alien appendix!  This new feature is part of an ongoing effort to enrich the possibilites for alien players. Sabotaging/repairing parts of the ship will come in a future update with the same logic in mind.

2) A big interactive computer mainframe is now able to help human players by answering questions or commanding a few actions within the ship. What is implemented so far is an helpful answer to the following question: “How many people in the ship are infected?”. More actions will be available pretty soon. For example the access to the armoury will have to be unlocked through¬†this interactive system…

Patch notes:

  • Stealth kills available for infected players in their human shape, using a retractable appendix…
  • Infected players can also replicate all kind of weapons and items to improve their camouflage depending on the situation.
  • Added an interactive computer AI in the spaceship. You can already ask her questions about how many aliens¬†are on board…
  • Removed kill messages to avoid revealing¬†too much information about who’s infected.
  • Human scores are now incremented by 100 points every 100 seconds so the score panel doesn’t reveal too much information.

Patch 1.4.2 Available

Patch 1.4.2 is ready and is going to change the gameplay a lot!

Humans now have to deal with sanity. It’s possible for them to get terrorized and even completely crazy. They make noise by simply breathing too loud, hear voices in their head, have their vision blurred, difficulties to move, …
A lot of different parameters can alter your sanity: killing a fellow human, being hurt, looking at infected players for too long, hearing the Prime screaming near you… It can also get better¬†when killing infected players, accomplishing missions or just by waiting in a safe place.


Patch notes:

  • Sanity system and its effects fully implemented.
  • New skill for the Prime Infected: Terrifying Scream! (Helpful to scare campers breathing out loud in their hiding places).
  • Added post-processing effect to make the game look better (AA, AO, DoF, …). A future patch will improve it even more and allow you to fine-tune those settings ingame.
  • When joining an existing game you’re now infected by default
  • Small tweaks here and there to improve the look’n feel

Already started working on the next big patch which will be focused on the gameplay for Aliens in their human shape.

Stay tuned for some additional space nightmares…

Thank you! And a new patch.

I want to give a big thanks to all early testers who contributed to pre-alpha tests these last days!

With your help and wise suggestions SurvHive is progressing at a fast pace.

Patch 1.4.1 is released today and covers the following areas:

  • Hit feedback implemented¬†(flashing red crosshair) when firing with weapons on any living creatures
  • Cloaking module buffed: less noisy, and invisibility effect enhanced
  • The new map (Aurora) now supports human footsteps sounds
  • Infected hand-to-hand hits¬†are now slightly more efficient (better angular coverage and radius)

Big updates will come next (new features, a new race¬†of creature called the Weaver, new missions, new items…);

May your mind become one with the HIVE



SurvHive website is online!

Immerse yourself in a violent, gore and stressful multiplayer experience in which your objective is to SURVIVE in a spaceship where alien shapeshifters have decided to install their HIVE

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